June 2020

54 miles of nonstop scenic views through North America's deepest canyon. This is a great intro to backcountry hiking with a moderately challenging trail. We stopped at the historic Kirkwood Ranch as well as explored some vintage homesteads. Being a riverside hike works perfectly for the hotter summer months to jump in and cool off.


May 2020

Jeeping on rough roads allowed us to reach and discover attractions inaccessible to most. Slot Canyons, swimming, campfires, and fishing are few of the many things we enjoyed during this 5 day excursion.  And what better way to end a day of exploration than throwing steak on the grill?


March 2020

The towering Andes surrounded us as we hiked towards our final destination, the lake filled volcano Quilotoa. In addition to hiking above 10,000 feet, we also toured a local cheese factory, enjoyed home cooked dinners/breakfasts, and even kayaked in Quilotoa a truly unique experience.


February 2020

Drawn by the unreal mind-bending architecture of Antoni Gaudi, we were greeted with so much more during our time in Barcelona. Good food, stunning views, and a rich history left a lasting and beautiful impression on our minds.


December 2019

Over the course of 6 hot and sunny days, we dove over 20 times seeing everything from sea turtles to jelly fish and moray eels. Breathtaking reef after reef made this SCUBA adventure an unforgettable one. Bonaire provided us with the perfect environment to advance our SCUBA skills and we're sure to be back!


August 2019

The Gospel Hump Wilderness provided with us with complete solitude through 5 days of hiking 64 miles and not seeing a single other hiker. River swimming, camping under the stars, bighorn sheep, and feasting on wild huckleberries  are just a few memories from a backcountry experience never to be forgotten!


June 2019

Setting sail for the Channel Islands off the coast of California we were greeted by dolphins, whales, foxes, and much more. Whether it was  peacefully sailing around the islands, scuba diving with bat rays, or stepping on land for some hiking, it sure was a trip to remember. 


May 2019

After a year of preparation and collaboration, we joined Clean Water for the World, ASUVI, and the University of Toledo to help install a water purification system in Quiche. This volunteer work was extremely rewarding as we successfully installed a system to deliver drinkable water to a remote village that 2 years prior didn't even have running water. A truly cultural and eye-opening experience.


May 2019

The Quilotoa Loop Trail was the focus of our time in Ecuador and it did not disappoint. Stunning scenery day after day along with home cooked dinners every night with other fellow hikers made the journey to the Quilotoa Crater a memorable one. In addition we spent a day exploring the famous volcano Cotopaxi and of course the capital city Quito.


May 2019

With 10 ten days in the beautiful Galapagos Islands, we proved that this exotic destination can indeed be affordable. Scuba diving, bird watching, and good local food were just a few highlights from this amazing trip. Teeming with wildlife, the Galapagos are a must for any animal lover. 


April 2019

We put together this last minute business trip to Japan for a local manufacturer. With less than 2 weeks notice, we arranged flights, accommodations, transport, and organized a 6 day itinerary mixing a healthy dose of tourism with work. ​​


February 2019

Embarking on a 6 day road trip highlighting the south coast icons, we encountered magnificent waterfalls, relaxing hot springs, and an awe-inspiring glacier hike to ice caves. In addition, we visited a couple museums and spent the final days in the nation’s capitol Reykjavik. There’s not much this trip didn’t have.


November 2018

Our two weeks in Bermuda brought new meaning to the term paradise island. We spent most of the time zipping along the curvy coastal roads on our scooter looking out on the turquoise blue water and exploring numerous beaches. A couple dives in the infamous Bermuda Triangle capped off a particularly relaxing adventure.


November 2018

We packed our bags to explore the wrecks and reefs beneath the waters of Grenada, but we saw much more. On top of exploring 10 different dive sites including the famous Bianca C, we also got a taste of the life on land by exploring the historic city of St. George and hiking in the Etang National Park.


August 2018

We hiked Iceland’s most famous multi-night trail that led us through 62 miles of stunning, out of this world landscapes.  Countless waterfalls, geothermal areas, river crossings, and glaciers made this a hike we’ll be sure to never forget. Perfect weather meant we even had time to spend exploring Reykjavik and soak in a hot river before returning home.


April 2018

The best way to see this jaw dropping country is via road trip. During this 7 day adventure we explored the Westfjords, Northern Iceland, and of course Reykjavik and it’s surrounding area. Stunning scenery, hot springs, and a beer bath to top it all off.


February 2018

Nothing quite like escaping the cold of a midwestern winter. A week in beautiful Guatemala involved water taxis, good food, local shopping, and some historic sightseeing. Hobbitenango was an attraction we learned about from a local, and paying a visit to the hobbit village was one of this trip’s unexpected highlights.


June 2015

This trip was a real crowd pleaser and we’ll be sure to repeat it in the future. A union of old friends and new, we set sail from Santa Barbara for 3 days/3 nights to the Channel Islands. We were greeted with beautiful summer weather, pods of dolphins, and even close encounters with migrating whales. A few of us dove straight off our sailboat into the kelp forests beneath while the others paddled off and explored the islands.


May 2014

7 days of winding mountain roads on a Triumph motorcycle. We started with some Las Vegas fun and then made our way to Denver stopping at national parks such as the Grand Canyon and Zion along the way. Our favorite spot was a lesser-known canyon in the south of Colorado that we stumbled upon while riding free and without direction.