Your first step towards a dream vacation

Arctic Circle is a program offered by No Plans Adventures to help make travel even more of a reality to you. The idea is simple, help you put savings aside bit by bit every month to be used on your future dream vacation as well as make you eligible to receive discounts on all guided adventures. When you become a member of Arctic Circle, you will be enrolled in a monthly auto pay plan. Your card will be charged $25, or any greater amount of your choosing, every month to be added to your personal fund.

Being a member of Arctic Circle gives you discounts, exclusive to members, on all NoPlans guided adventures. There is no fee to become a member.

When booking a trip through No Plans Adventures as an Arctic Circle member, you will be given the member and nonmember price to show you how much you're saving! You will be informed on how much your personal Arctic Circle fund holds, and the options on crediting your funds towards your trip. 100% of your fund contributions may be applied to your booking. If you choose to enroll in a personalized payment plan for your booked adventure, you have the option to pause your membership until your last trip payment, after which your membership will be automatically reinstated. Or, you may continue building your Arctic Circle Fund for your next adventure. There is no fee to use this service and nothing to lose. Become an Arctic Circle member today!

Arctic Circle Terms & Conditions

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