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"The No Plans Adventures payment plan made saving for a trip affordable and easy. They even offer a monthly membership called Arctic Circle for as low as $25 that is fully redeemable for future trips if you can’t quite decide on one yet. Victor made traveling to remote and lesser known spots easy and comfortable. His all inclusive mentality of including planning, driving, pictures, and meals meant I could truly relax. I highly recommend No Plans Adventures and will be returning for many trips to come."

        -Chad C.

"Warning: Long review. In summary: It was awesome.

I recently went on a No Plans Adventures scuba diving based trip in Bonaire with Vic. By the end of the trip, my friend and I were discussing the pros and cons of buying property in Bonaire, so you could say we enjoyed the trip! I was able to dive 22 times in 6 days which was an absolutely incredible experience. It really sparked my love for scuba diving because of all the wildlife and beautiful coral I got to see. Not only was Bonaire amazing by itself, but Vic made the trip so easy and special!

He picked me and my friend up from the airport and took us to our Airbnb, and dropped us off at the end of the trip as well. Every morning he would cook us a great breakfast before we left to begin our day of diving. Then, he coordinated all of the diving equipment and food needed for the day while I just got to be along for the ride which was such a fun experience. I consider myself to be a pretty experienced traveler, but it was a real treat to just get to sit back and relax and have everything taken care of each day.

I never thought I could take advantage of this style of travel where you have a personal guide because I just assumed it would be over the top expensive, but it ended up being so affordable and totally worth it! I never would have been able to dive as much as I did without having him as a guide, and it would have been far more expensive to hire a dive guide there. By the end of the week I felt so much more comfortable with my diving skills, so I can't wait to go back and try to beat my last record. Hope you can keep up, Victor!"

        -Caitlin W.

"Went on my first trip to Europe and couldn't have asked for more. I felt very safe and comfortable during my week stay in Barcelona, and saw even more sights than I had anticipated. This service allowed me to fully enjoy the trip, as I would've been uncomfortable making the trip along as a solo female traveler. Can't wait to plan my next trip with No Plans Adventures!"

        -Brianna K.

"I just got back from a trip to Bonaire that I used No Plans Adventures for and IT WAS AMAZING. Vic personally picked us up from the airport, took us to a beautiful Airbnb he booked. From there he provided all transportation, meals, and scuba diving logistics. If you are a Scuba diver Bonaire IS A BUCKET LIST DESTINATION. And Vic's knowledge of the island, local dive shops, and experience as a recreational scuba instructor and commercial diver make him a guide second to none. Bonaire also offers world class beaches, snorkeling, sailing, and kite surfing without the overwhelming sensation of tourist invasion of Aruba or Curacao. The experience that No Plans Adventures offers is a TRUE vacation where you worry about zero logistics. You can fully immerse yourself in the culture, experiences, and adventure. And YOU SAVE MONEY. This is my third experience with No Plans and I can't recommend them enough."

        -Dan K.

“I just got back from my second trip with Vic & No Plans Adventures and once again, had a blast! After my trek in Iceland last year, I told Vic I wanted to do a similar backcountry hike, but a little longer, a little tougher, more remote, and in the Western USA. With that criteria, Vic put together a 5 day hike in the Gospel Hump Wilderness, which is ~5 hours north of Boise, Idaho. Once again, Vic delivered!! All the plans--travel, pre- and post-lodging, packing list, food prep (Specialty Rice!), etc--were excellently arranged. And despite the terrain being difficult and rugged, Vic was an excellent guide and I felt comfortable the whole time. The trail was difficult to find at times because of overgrowth, but Vic kept us on track and I was able to simply focus on hiking and taking in the scenery and sounds of the beautiful remote wilderness. I definitely could not have done it without Vic, which is one of the greatest parts about traveling with No Plans Adventures. It enables me to safely access remote terrain that I otherwise wouldn't be able to without years more experience. Once again, highly recommended. And I will definitely be traveling with Vic again!!!”


-Matt K.

“Both of the big trips I have taken with Vic are trips that were outside of my comfort zone. My first trip was a motorcycle ride from Vegas to Denver. I had never ridden long distance, and though my initial plans and schedule didn't hold up, it was probably a better trip for that. It was such a unique experience. The second trip was to Guatemala. I wanted to get away to somewhere warm during the winter months, but didn't want to do the typical tourist trip and stay at a resort. Vic helped me choose the destination and was a lifesaver when we had to change our flight plans. All in all, I felt very safe and was extremely satisfied in the trips we've done.”


-Brianna K.

“Got my basic Scuba certification with Victors guidance which was something I have always hoped I could do. Victor made is not only economically feasible for me but is also a great teacher working with each student at their own pace. Victor is very knowledgeable when it comes to travel and adventure and I plan on taking many more with him through the years to come!”


-Nick K.

“This review is WAY overdue but I can't stop raving about our trip to Iceland with Vic (No Plans Adventures) in April 2018. The fact that I'm writing this review now over a year ago is proof that we needed a guy like Vic to help us plan our trip. My husband Dan King and I are very busy people and also procrastinators. Vic was an immense help on our trip and made the entire vacation so much better. The trip was just my husband, I and Vic. Vic offered many services which included, but not limited to, creating a general itinerary with our preferences in mind, organizing our lodging every night, personal chauffeur as we drove around the island, personal chef for lunches in front of waterfalls and occasional breakfast, personal tour guide, and personal photographer! Though we had a general itinerary, it was incredibly flexible and Vic would go with the flow if we decided last minute to change something. He would make all the lodging and other adjustments necessary to accommodate the changes so it was very easy. He would also find places within our budget and wanted to hear what we thought of the places so he could make sure he understood what we were looking for as well as improve recommendations on future trips to the Iceland. Having Vic drive for us allowed us to not miss any of the spectacular views. For many of the meals, Vic often cooked us one of his dehydrated meals. Not only were these delicious and more affordable, but we were able to eat on the go, often sitting in front of a gorgeous waterfall! Vic is also a wonderful photographer and was able to capture some GREAT photos of us that are great quality. We definitely would not have been able to obtain the same quality and quantity of photos without him. Additionally, his knowledge of the island truly added to our vacation, helping us decide which sites to prioritize. He also knew a local that we hung out with one night and had a great time hearing personal accounts of what it's like to live there. Lastly, traveling with Vic as a married couple was still very much an intimate vacation for my husband and I. Vic was very accommodating and understood how to fill our vacation with quality time for us to spend together. I would HIGHLY recommend hiring Vic for your next vacation. Overall, he made it so easy to plan but then to un-plan when needed or just figure things out as we went, stress free! The level of planning is completely up to you and he'll take over everything else you don't want to do! Lastly, Vic is able to offer so MANY services while on the trip from photographer, to chauffeur, to personal tour guide. No Plans Adventures will turn your vacation into a one-of-a-kind vacation that is EASY, so you can spend more time enjoying everything else about the destination and save money at the same time.”


-Bridget K.

"Went on a sailing trip with Vic through the Channel Islands and it was a magical time!! Vic was knowledgeable and took care of everything. Such an amazing trip full of sea lions, baby foxes, and naps. Would recommend him as a guide to anyone looking for stress free travel."

-Rachel K.

"I got my basic scuba certification through No Plans Adventures and I can't recommend Vic enough. He takes a personalized and individual approach that helped me feel extremely comfortable, even though I was very nervous going in."

-Rachel T.

"Travel with Vic, you won't regret it! I've done a lot of solo traveling, and usually for pretty cheap. Vic was a guide, resource, and friend that made all the difference in Iceland. From one traveler to another, I HIGHLY recommend No Plans Adventures. The amount of thought, pre-work, effort, and time Vic puts into planning agendas allows you to truly discover the world in a magically unexpected way (an since Vic is so good, you might even catch that on camera!). His judgement, respect, and passion for the area he's in really shine, and allow you to soak up the world around you. Vic had healthy snacks, hot cocoa and life-saving trekking poles before I even KNEW I needed them--I'm grateful I went with No Plans Adventures."

-Alaska M.

"Went on a dreamy sailing trip around the Channel Islands and went diving for the first time! Our group had a wonderful time and all for such a great price. Vic's calm organized demeanor allowed for smooth sailing on all fronts!"

-Yvonne W.

"Traveling with Vic & No Plans Adventures is a highly recommended. I wanted to expand my comfort zone in the backcountry, but didn't have the time to constantly research until I felt fully prepared. So, I hired Vic to be my travel guide, and it proved to be an excellent decision. Vic planned all the details for my vacation to Iceland, prepared delicious dehydrated meals for the week, arranged all the lodging accommodations, and generally made the week a breeze -- all for a very reasonable price. I was especially comfortable with Vic as my trek guide based on his extensive hiking, wilderness survival, orienteering, and security experience. Oh, and he takes great pictures too!! I will definitely be traveling with Vic again, whether it's another backcountry trek, visiting a "risky", unfamiliar country, local immersion experience, or some other adventure."

-Matt K.

“Vic is such a great host and he planned out the perfect trip to the Channel Islands. I highly recommend his services if you are looking to travel and want a unique experience!”

-Mark P.

“Took a trip the beautiful Caribbean island of Grenada for 7 days and without Vic I probably could never have made this trip as cheap as we did! I had the experience of a lifetime I'll never forget, having never really taken vacations this was sure one to remember. We did 10 dive sites around the island as well as explored the local culture and landscaping. Victor is the best guide and I learned a lot from him and plan on doing much more international travel in the future.”

-Nick K.

“Traveling with Vic is one of the best decisions that you can make. Went sailing in Channel Islands National Park and had a blast on the boat, swimming and hiking. Take the plunge and go on a trip, you won't regret it.”

-Garrett R.

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