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Upon submitting my first payment of 25usd I agree to enrolling and becoming a member under the No Plans Adventures LLC program “Arctic Circle” and agree to the following terms and conditions:

I agree to opening an account under No Plans Adventures LLC and having the credit card of my choosing charged 25usd on the 15th of every month unless I pause or cancel my membership. I agree to receiving zero compensation in the form of interest or any other alternative. I understand that I am permitted to contribute any amount greater than 25usd. I agree to having my Arctic Circle Membership terminated, at the full discretion of No Plans Adventures LLC for violating the Arctic Circle Membership Terms & Conditions. I understand that I am free to terminate my Arctic Circle Membership of my own accord at any time and will have my account refunded to me per the Arctic Circle Cash Back Policy.

Arctic Circle Membership entitles me to exclusive discounts on trips booked through No Plans Adventures LLC. Discounts can be implemented or revoked at any time by No Plans Adventures LLC. I understand that if I choose to cancel my Arctic Circle Membership before embarking for my discounted trip, No Plans Adventures LLC is permitted to retract my Arctic Circle discount for said trip and I agree to paying the new adjusted trip cost. Upon booking an adventure with No Plans Adventures LLC, I understand my right to use all or part of my Arctic Circle Fund as credit towards said adventure at a rate of 100% and will have my options thoroughly explained to me by No Plans Adventures LLC at the time of booking. I am still eligible to receive a personalized payment plan upon booking my adventure whether or not I choose to incorporate my Arctic Circle Fund. I understand that I may choose to pause my Arctic Circle Membership at no cost after booking a trip with No Plans Adventures LLC for the duration of my trip payment plan. Upon submission of my final payment towards said trip, I agree to my Arctic Circle Membership being automatically reinstated on the 15th of that month.

Arctic Circle Cash Back Policy is as follows: I am entitled to receive 90% of my most recent contribution within 5-10 business days via PayPal. I am entitled to receive 90% of any amount (including full amount) I choose from my total fund paid out in no more than six monthly installments via PayPal.

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