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Recommended Toiletries

We've tested a variety of products to bring you our best recommendations for items listed on our Suggested Packing lists.

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Soap Bar Case
Soap Bag
Trave Bottles
Hand Sanitizer
Nail Clippers
Feminine Products


GUM Travel Toothbrush

This folding toothbrush is the perfect companion for travel. Folding to half its size and with a built-in case, your toothbrush will stay clean while taking less room in your bag. We like this brush so much that we purchased extras to keep in the car and gym bag.

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Jason Toothpaste

This all-natural toothpaste has no fluoride, gluten, or artificial sweeteners. We've linked the 3oz package to allow for carrying it on a plane, but it is available in larger packages for you home.

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Kiba Bamboo Floss

Originally we tried this bamboo floss to be more environmentally friendly. We were pleasantly surprised to find the bamboo thread is actually tougher and grippier than the typical stuff meaning we can use less and waste less. The reusable glass dispenser is a perfect travel size and it's easy to stock up on extra thread.

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Pre de Provence Soap Bar

This artisan soap bar comes in over 30 different scents to best suit you. It is made with all natural ingredients and high quality craftsmanship. We were surprised to see this bar lasting longer than others since we thought all soap bars are the same...

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Kiasona Soap Bar Case

The 2 features we like most about this case are the silicone band to keep the case closed and the soap mat inside the case to prevent our bar from getting mushy. The case is also extremely durable so we have no worries of it cracking or opening in our bag making a mess.

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Soap Bag

Soap bags serve as a travel friendly loofah as well as help your bar of soap last longer. They also let you use all of your soap down to the last sliver that typically gets wasted.

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Gemice Travel Bottles

Forget buying shampoo and conditioner on each of your trips and simply bring your own. These bottles are TSA size approved to carry on your flight. Just fill them with your own shampoo and conditioner from home.

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Purell Hand Sanitizer

A must when traveling abroad, strap one of these mini hand sanitizers to your carryon. We keep one on most of our bags, and a big bottle at home to simply refill and reuse after each trip

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Dude Shower Wipes

Dude shower wipes are hands down the best shower wipes we've used. They're larger and thicker than the competition and almost feel like a moist washcloth. These are great for road trips, backpacking, sailing trips and any time showers may be challenging.

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firiKer Nail Clippers

We typically only pack the larger toenail clippers, but this 2 pack also includes a smaller nail clipper. After years of use, we have yet to replace the original pack.

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Lume Deodorant

This aluminum free deodorant works wonders for foot smell and consistent use even starts effecting your shoes and socks for the better. Various scents are available although the scent fades quickly. Stick form is also available for easier application to armpits.

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Flex Feminine Products

Flex Menstrual Cup and Flex Menstrual Discs are the most travel friendly options for traveling on your period. We recommend using the cup when possible and the disposable discs when there is a lack of privacy or water. You are still able to dive while on your period and we suggest using the cup during SCUBA trips.

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Burt's Bees

This all-natural lip balm provides SPF 15 to protect your lips while out in the sun. Our experience has shown Burt's Bees to stay on even when raining (although you will have to reapply after dives) and we highly recommend it to prevent cracked lips.

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Australian Gold Sunscreen

With all natural ingredients and protection in water for up to 80 minutes, Australian Gold is or top pick for reef friendly sunscreen. As with all sunscreens, apply generously each use and frequently. Take your pick from a variety of tints to suit your skin tone and avoid the typical white blocky look. Sunscreen tends to be overpriced at travel destinations, so be sure to order and pack some at home. We like that Australian Gold offers a 3oz size making it carry on friendly.

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Ben's Insect Repellant

This bug spray works without a doubt and is the only insect repellent we can confidently recommend. It is very potent, so use sparingly and keep away from plastics such as watch bands. We recommend showering or using a shower wipe to clean off the residue before going to bed.

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MQ Motion Sickness Patches

The MQ motion sickness patch has been the crowd favorite of all the different motion sickness products we tried. They do not make you drowsy and work well for 2-3 days. Sometimes they come off while swimming so be sure to bring extras. If you are particularly prone to motion sickness, visit your doctor for a prescription strength patch.

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Trident Eardrops

Nothing puts a quicker end to a dive trip than ear problems. Using Trident Ear Drops at the end of each day has kept us in the clear and good to dive the next day. There are homemade remedies you can make, but if you'd rather avoid the hassle or leftover ingredients, these are a great alternative.

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This toilet spray is a must for when sharing bathroom spaces on your trip or even in your home. Purchase the 1.4oz size linked here to travel with or keep in your bathroom, and the 16oz refill bottle to keep it topped off. Offered in a variety of scents to try.

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Sea to Summit Toiletry Bag

This lightweight well-made toiletry bag from Sea to Summit is what we use to help keep our travel bag organized. It's simple and offered in two sizes with 2 internal mesh pockets and 1 external zipper pocket. Although made of water-resistant material it is not waterproof, so we recommend placing any questionable containers in Ziplocs as a precaution.

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Be sure to check back often as we continue adding more recommended products!

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